RPTR3 Mesh Repeater

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The Repeater3 provides maximum range and throughput to bridge long distances or enhance the performance of slower devices. The Repeater3 is FCC certified to combine 27-28dB transmit power with an 8dBi antenna to provide the maximum range legally permitted in the license-free 902-928MHz frequency band. It can be deployed wherever power is available (including solar power) and is easily mounted on poles, structures, streetlights, water towers, etc. The antenna can be mounted directly on the Repeater or remotely mounted.

Applications include connecting distant sub-divisions, bridging lakes, parks, or other large obstacles, and increasing the performance of slower battery-powered networks by providing a high-speed data super-highway. When a Repeater3 is added to a MeshPlus® fixed mesh network, the other devices in the network (meters, other repeaters, remote equipment monitors) automatically discover the new repeater and the entire network adapts to take advantage of the added capabilities of the new Repeater.

Designed from the ground up for outdoor municipal and industrial applications, the Repeater3 is rugged, flexible, secure, and reliable. With robust lightning, multi-level battery backup, and a secure aluminum waterproof enclosure, the Repeater3 is built to provide years of outdoor service.



Repeater 3


  • IP67 waterproof aluminum enclosure
  • Pole and structure mounts included
  • 120 or 240vac power
  • Less than 4W power (typical)
  • 6000V/3000A surge suppression
  • Operating temperature: -40 to +85C
  • Extended temp range heater option

  • Dual battery backup up to 3 months
  • Automatic antenna/feedline monitoring
  • Automatic battery monitoring and maintenance
  • 5yr battery service interval

  • Wireless mesh 128-bit encryption
  • Password-protected management access
  • Optional tamper-resistant enclosure
  • Physical intrusion detection/reporting

  • Automatically discovers network
  • Network dynamically adds repeater
  • Easy LCD+push button controls
  • Friendly graphical installation software
  • Remote monitoring and control
  • Local control via USB and RF
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