The MeshMaster Management System is used to manage MeshPlus® networks and scales to support millions of remote devices.  MeshMaster runs on Microsoft Windows, Linux, and BSD workstations or servers and consists of 3 core components:

  • Data collection service
  • Remote Notification service
  • Graphical Management client

Data Collection Service

The MeshMaster Server data collector is a Java service (daemon) that runs on popular server platforms including the Microsoft Windows Vista, 7, and Server family of operating systems, Linux, BSD, etc.   The data collection service manages remote MeshPlus® gateways gathering collected data such as meter readings, alarms, and telemetry; gathered data is stored in a SQL standard database.

Remote Notification Service

The Remote Notification service is another Java service that monitors the performance of MeshPlus® networks and equipment and notifies maintenance staff of important events via text message or email.  Events of interest such as power outages, detected leaks, failed pump motors, or even server failures can be selected for notification.  An escalation procedure allows notifications to be sent first to tier 1 staff and if the notifications remain unacknowledged for an extended period, notifications will escalate to tier 2 staff, etc.  Notifications are sent periodically until acknowledged.

Graphical Client

The MeshMaster Client is a graphical Java application that installs easily on any workstation including those running common Microsoft Windows operating systems, Linux, BSD, etc.  The MeshMaster client provides graphical views of the entire MeshPlus® network and allows users to view and export collected readings, alarms, and performance data.  Map views show the MeshPlus® network equipment overlayed on GIS maps providing geographical context; network visualization tools depict the flows of readings and alarms through the network.  Equipment is color-coded according to status to quickly identify alarm conditions.

The MeshMaster client lets users manage, configure, and tune their MeshPlus® network including setting data logging and reporting frequencies, defining alarm conditions, updating remote firmware, and controlling remote devices such as service shut-off relays and valves.

Access is secured using SSL and user passwords with tiered access levels.

Standards-based north bound (data export) interfaces are available to connect MeshMaster with higher level management systems used for billing and other purposes. Axiometric will create custom interfaces on a professional services basis.

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