Axioimetric provides complete proven AMR/AMI solutions for electric, water, and gas meters.  More than 500,000 wireless smart meters have been successfully deployed using Axiometric’s MeshPlus® and StarPlus® technologies.

Hybrid AMR

Axiometric AMR is a hybrid system that allows the same meter insert/interface to be used for both drive-by and fixed-network communications. Utilities can initially deploy 2-way drive-by meter reading using StarPlus® and later upgrade to full MeshPlus® fixed network with a simple software command – no meter or interface changes are required.

StarPlus® 2-way Drive-By

The patented StarPlus® 2-way drive-by meter reading system achieves best-in-class communications using license-free 902-928MHz frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS). Combining powerful transmitters with range-extending software algorithms, StarPlus® delivers mobile reads on demand through obstacles and over long distances.  Low cost, high-performance vehicle-mounted and handheld readers are available.

MeshPlus® Fixed Network

For fixed network AMR/AMI, MeshPlus® delivers where star networks and conventional mesh technologies fail.  MeshPlus® networks let you deploy a compact low-cost gateway anywhere power is available (substation, streetlight, pump station, water tower, etc.).  Every meter is a repeater so massive star-network towers are not needed; buildings and hills are no problem; messages just hop around them.

Deploying a MeshPlus network is as simple as installing a gateway and smart meters.  Meters automatically discover each other and find paths to the gateway. Software and configuration upgrades happen over-the-air when new meters or software are deployed.  Meters deliver readings every 15 minutes (electric), hourly or daily (water/gas) to the gateway.  The MeshMaster management software collects the data, stores it in a SQL database for billing and reporting.

MeshPlus 2-way capabilities allow remote control of services (turn-on/shut-off).   Remote equipment monitors provide SCADA RTU-like capabilities for remote monitoring and control of infrastructure equipment.

True Battery Mesh

A unique feature of MeshPlus® is that it provides full mesh solutions for both AC line powered (electric) and battery-powered (water/gas) meters.  With the MeshPlus® synchronous mesh, battery powered meters are full-function-mesh devices: they are both endpoints and routers.  Battery-powered meter interface units can inter-operate with and benefit from the higher bandwidth of AC-powered electric meter inserts, however thousands of battery-powered water meters have been successfully deployed as stand-alone fixed mesh networks without any AC-powered electric meters.

Meter Agnostic

MeshPlus® and StarPlus® meter inserts and meter interface units support pulse inputs and most encoded register protocols including:

  • Electric: feraris disk (electromechanical), ANSI C12 (digital)
  • Water: ABB, Actaris, AMCO, Badger, Neptune, Sensus
  • Gas: Actaris, Rockwell, Schlumberger, Sprague
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