MeshPlus® uses low-cost high-power radios and patented communications algorithms to deliver optimal wireless performance.  In North America, MeshPlus® operates in the license-free 902-928MHz frequency band to deliver maximum range and penetration.  With MeshPlus®, every device is also a repeater (FFD); messages hop from device to device until they reach their destination for virtually unlimited range.

MeshPlus® exceeds the performance of other wireless technologies by using powerful 32-bit ARM/Cortex processors to implement advanced software algorithms.  MeshPlus® delivers key features using software only including frequency-hopping spread-spectrum (FHSS), over-the-air (OTA) firmware updates, robust 128-bit encryption for security, and advanced forward error correction (FEC) for extended RF range.

For a detailed technical explanation of why MeshPlus® is superior to other wide-area telemetry technologies, download the MeshPlus white paper here.


With hundreds of thousands of outdoor remote devices monitored and controlled, MeshPlus® is one of the leading wireless telemetry solutions.  Outdoor solutions use rugged IP67 equipment to provide long range and extreme temperature operation (-40C to +85C).  Infrastructure devices have built-in multi-level battery backups to allow telemetry to continue to operate through power outages up to several months in duration.  Outdoor monitoring and control devices can be battery powered with 10+ year battery-life.  MeshMaster graphical software provides GIS displays of MeshPlus® devices with color-coded status on detailed maps.  Remote notification reports alarmed monitor points via email or text message.


Building automation, alarms, and sub-metering applications use lower-cost indoor-rated devices to provide seamless wireless networking under the most difficult conditions.  MeshPlus® radios penetrate concrete and steel framed buildings with ease where 2.4GHz DSSS products fail.  Low-cost USB network interfaces and easy-to-install MS Windows software make MeshPlus deployment a snap.

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