S6200 REM

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Remote Equipment Monitor

The S6200 Remote Equipment Monitor (REM) works independently or in conjunction with an AMR/AMI system to remotely monitor equipment such as pump and lift stations. The S6200 combines features and capabilities typically sold separately into a single rugged outdoor package including:

  • AC Power Suply
  • Industrial surge suppressor
  • Battery Backup
  • Logic/Control Module
  • Radio communications Module
  • 8x Digital Inputs
  • 4x Analog Inputs (4-20mA)
  • 4x Digital Outputs (relay)

Digital inputs can monitor motors, level alarms, PLC alarm outputs, and more. Analog inputs can monitor pressures, flows, temperatures, voltages, and other transducer outputs. Digital outputs can be used to override PLC control (e.g. to turn a motor on or off). Designed from the ground up for outdoor municipal and industrial applications, the S6200 is rugged, flexible, secure, and reliable.

Mesh Repeater

Each S6200 not only monitors and controls local equipment, but is also a wireless mesh router. Deploying S6200s in a water or gas AMR/AMI network creates a high-speed backbone for meter data enhancing the performance of compatible AMR fixed networks while monitoring and controlling infrastructure.

The S6200 uses patented MeshPlus technology to create reliable connections across wide geographic areas. Messages “hop” from device to device until they reach their destination allowing communications to hop around obstacles. Line of sight to a tower is not required.



  • IP67 waterproof aluminum enclosure
  • Pole and structure mounts included
  • 120 or 240vac power
  • Less than 4W power (typical)
  • 6000V/3000A surge suppression
  • Operating temperature: -40 to +85C

  • 128-bit encryption for security
  • Dual battery backup up to 3 months
  • Automatic battery monitoring and maintenance
  • 10yr battery service interval

  • 8 digital inputs to monitor power, motors, alarms, etc.
  • 4 analog inputs to monitor pressures, flows, voltages, etc.
  • Standard 4-20mA interface capability
  • 4 digital relay outputs for remote PLC overrides
  • Expansion port for additional inputs

  • LEDs provide immediate status
  • Friendly graphical installation software
  • Remote monitoring and control
  • Local Programming via Serial Port and RF
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